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When Is The Best Time To Send Your Email?

Published: June 11, 2019
When Is The Best Time To Send Your Email?

It's a question we often get from new users, and there's actually a simple answer to this, and that is… Thursday. Alright, if you're satisfied with that, you're good to go, but I highly recommend paying attention to the big "however," that follows the overly simple answer. We consulted some industry experts, delved into our own user data, and put together a few nuggets of information that you can use to drive the highest engagement for your emails.

So when is the best day to send emails? We took a look at the average engagement across all our users and the most popular day of the week in terms of overall engagement is Thursday, followed by Wednesday and then Friday. This more or less lines up with other data analyses, and if you think about it many times folks already have their big ticket items out of the way near the end of the work week, so they have more time to pay attention to their emails instead of skimming or deleting.


What kind of results should I be aiming for? Now that you know when to send, it's important to know what healthy engagement for your emails looks like. Quick side note: it's important to keep in mind that not all contacts are created equal. There are contacts that have "opted-in" to your email list and know exactly who you are and never think "spam" when you pop in their inbox. And then there are contacts on your email list that did not give you permission. These contacts could be people you chatted with quickly at a networking event or open house that you added to your database. The difference is that contacts that have "opted-in" have a 300% higher engagement rate, which is huge. With a proper list, users see average open rate of 27% and 3.1% click rate, which is higher than the industry average of 21% open and 1.9% click rates.

What do I do with the information? Your reports in the Elevate email marketing platform lay out your top engagers for you, but it's important to remember that, just like contacts, not all links are created equally in your emails. What I mean by that is as a real estate professional you are more focused on folks who click on your listings or other buyer / seller links rather than your Facebook page. Look in your reports to see who is engaging with your important, or "hot", links and put together your call list from there.


What about follow-up? So you've sent the emails, you've seen the engagement, and now it's time to follow-up. Chris Smith of Curaytor has looked at the data and recommends Wednesday or Thursday as the best days to make your sales calls, and either between 8-10am, or later in the day between 4-6pm. How important are those day & time differences? Real Estate Agent U estimates that your success rate increases 49% when calling on a Wednesday or Thursday, and another 164% if you're calling in the later afternoon.

The next step So how does this line up for you? Let's say you have created a listing email in your Elevate email marketing account, it's Thursday and you click Send. That email goes out and your contacts engage. You pull up your reports, put together your call list, and start making those sales calls in the afternoon. The time it takes from email send to sales call can literally be a matter of minutes.