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Thoughts, Suggestions & Predictions for the Balance of 2020

Published: April 30, 2020
Thoughts, Suggestions & Predictions for the Balance of 2020

As much of the U.S. completes their 6th week of shelter-in-place, the real estate community is reeling from an overwhelm of opinions, misinformation and mixed emotions. In this FREE, one-hour webinar Prem Luthra, President & CEO at Elevate joins Bondilyn Jolly, Managing Partner at 3sixtyfive.agency and VP of Marketing at Elevate and Frank Chimento, VP of Brokerage Development at Elevate to discuss how Q2 of 2020 is shaping up, their projections for the remainder of the year, and how their clients, colleagues and other leaders in the real estate sector are surviving, thriving and re-prioritizing what’s important…and what isn’t.

A must-see webinar for brokers, agents, and teams who are actively re-evaluating their personal and professional goals for 2020, planning for the future of real estate, and those seeking insight from some of the industries top marketing and tech leaders into what to expect next.

Get more information and the poll results at: tryelevate.com/2020balance