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By RISMedia Staff June 1, 2022 Reading Time: 2 mins read
Re-Imagining Real Estate Technology - Courtesy of RISMedia
RISMedia's June issue of Real Estate magazine is up and Elm Street has taken over the cover! Check out this month’s features below and read about how Elm Street is reimagining how real estate technology is shaping the market, and how agents and brokers find success.

On the Cover: Re-Imagining Real Estate Technology

Elm Street Is Changing the Tech Game by Flipping the Narrative and Putting People First

There's a lot of noise in the real estate technology space today, and tech fatigue is running rampant as brokerages continue to chase the next shiny object and throw significant sums of money at tools that don’t play nicely with one another. A bona fide problem in real estate, this tech fatigue is causing many professionals to become frustrated with the products and services available to help them succeed. There’s no denying that brokers and agents are spending too much time, energy and money managing technology vendors. On a mission to streamline the experience from beginning to end, Elm Street is doubling down on their commitment to cut through the clutter. In this month’s cover story, take a closer look at how Elm Street is reimagining real estate technology as we know it.