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Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing Success with an Elevate Educational Boot Camp

Published: August 22, 2019
Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing Success with an Elevate Educational Boot Camp

It's no secret that brokers and agents need to continually self-educate in order to stay competitive and tackle new technology, but not all education is made equal. Busy real estate professionals can easily waste time and money on "educational" training programs that are nothing more than thinly masked sales initiatives that provide little actionable takeaways. Luckily, there's the educational field team of Elevate to save the day and ensure that brokers and agents walk away with tips, tricks and strategies that can easily be implemented the moment they walk out of the room.

What started with a single Social Media Boot Camp has grown into a nationwide phenomenon due to the Elevate Field Team's high-energy, interactive educational style. Brokers and agents alike are treated to an experience designed to inspire and empower, led by a group of industry professionals who help turn marketing "toys" into "tools."

Although the Elevate name may be fairly new to the real estate space, the founders and stakeholders behind the company are seasoned professionals coming from top technology companies, franchise organizations, and investment firms who've joined together to develop Elevate, the highly anticipated CRM and digital marketing solution that recently hit the real estate market. But no technology can succeed without strong education, training and understanding, which is where the Elevate Boot Camp series enters.

Collaborating with MLSs, mortgage companies and brokerages across the country, Elevate's Boot Camp series has evolved to include a variety of one-hour, two-hour and half day educational sessions, including the ever-popular Social Media Boot Camp, Secrets of Lead Generation Boot Camp, and the hot NEW Broker-Only Mastermind. Custom deep dives are also available on such hot topics as Facebook intensives, developing engaging content for consumer audiences, agent recruitment and retention strategies, and developing a website designed to capture and convert.

Want to see if a boot camp is coming to your area?

Visit tryelevate.com/events for the upcoming schedule, or call 844-812-8914 to inquire about booking a boot camp in your office or MLS.