Casual Conversations - Gratitude & Giving This Holiday Season with Shelley Zavitz, Dwell Realty

Published: November 20, 2020
Casual Conversations - Gratitude & Giving This Holiday Season with Shelley Zavitz, Dwell Realty

While many of your “normal” holiday practices may go MIA this season, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of great ways to connect with your audience and express gratitude and be authentic. Shelley Zavitz of Dwell Realty in Portland, OR shares her creative (and safe) approach to connecting with clients this year. Tune in for some holiday inspiration and ways to spread good karma!

Looking for more ideas? Here you go:

  • We loved Shelley’s “Gingerbread Village” gift idea, especially with the Portland flare with custom yard signs and a thoughtful card focused on “It takes a village to build a community”. So creative!

  • “Thinking of you” phone calls, texts or social media posts. Sometimes even the smallest gestures can mean so much, especially when people are feeling isolated and alone during COVID. A simple message of “Just reaching out to say hi, you’ve been on my mind.” goes a long way.

  • Host a “Virtual” event. Bondilyn’s virtual happy hour is a fun way to connect and spread some holiday cheer, as is the virtual home decorating contest. Think of the things you would normally enjoy during the holidays and find a way to take them virtual…it’s easier than you think.

  • Collect donations. Many people make donations to local charities during the holidays, but may feel uncomfortable physically doing so this year. Connect with your social media audience and offer to (safely) shop for and/or deliver charitable items on other’s behalf.

  • Spread the love of local, small businesses. We love how Shelley visited local businesses and had a chat with them for her social media stories. If you don’t feel safe doing this in person, it’s easy enough (and just as effective) to post about local businesses you love and encourage your online audience to solicit (in person or online). By the way, if you’d like to see how Shelley does this…check her out on Instagram (@szavy) or Facebook - @szavitz.

  • Connect with past clients with a CMA. The market across the U.S. is hot, and a great way to reach out and spread some love to past clients is to send a complementary CMA along with a nice email note. It’s a great way to re-establish connection, bring value, and potentially pick up a listing or referral.

  • Give a gift…small or big. Shelley’s ideas about giving away chocolate turkeys (from a local business!), as well as dropping off a tree to someone who could use it…well, that’s just good karma and helps her stand out in her community.

The list of ways to express gratitude and spread some cheer this holiday season is endless. Whatever you chose to do, just do it with authenticity and ask for nothing in return…other than perhaps to “pass it forward” if possible. Happy Holidays!